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About Us

Innovation leads development

K.B. Corporation has been specialized in the manufacturing of various types of insoles. We have over 20 years experience in both the textile and foam industries. This experience allows us to provide manufacturing expertise in selecting the material that that fits the best to individual requirements of each customer and market. K.B. has six factories, each specializing in a different kind of products and are led by the head company K.B Enterprise Co., Ltd.

K.B. Co.’s founder started working with PORON® material since 1998 during the time at Nam Liong group and developed a lot of products with PORON® material.

Good quality, comfortable footwear significantly benefits personal health. Different insoles and material combinations allow you to customize the shoe to achieve distinct feelings from the similar shoe design. For example, using temperature regulating fabric with breathable foam can give one’s feet a cooling sensation which will reduce heat and therefore, sweat, while using cushioning material can help increase shock absorption and comfort.