Freedom to Move – Technology to Protect

Designers of protective equipment and apparel, safety footwear and other gear choose XRD Impact to incorporate adaptive, wearable impact protection into product designs.


  • Absorbs up to 90% of impact force by forming a comfortable protective shell repeatedly, impact after impact (as measured by ASTM F1614)
  • Enables low profile, lightweight and flexible designs with our streamlined, engineered protection
  • Flexible technology contours against the body for a comfortable, customized fit that hardens into a tough shell upon exposure to impact energy
  • Allows ease of motion and air flow throughout activity


防护设备和服装、安全鞋材以及其他装备设计师可以选择 XRD 抗冲击材料,将自适应、可穿戴的抗冲击性能纳入产品设计中。


  • 在受到反复冲击力时,可以形成舒适的保护壳,吸收高达 90% 的冲击力(采用 ASTM F1614 方法测量)
  • 使轻薄、轻量的设计兼具流线型的工学防护
  • 灵活的技术可以实现按照身体形成轮廓,确保舒适合体且可定制贴合度,当遇到冲击能时,又可以硬化形成坚硬的外壳
  • 可在活动过程中确保行动自如,并始终透气