PORON ReSource maintains the superior performance of PORON Comfort with sustainably sourced content. It is recommended for use in dress, casual, lifestyle footwear and aftermarket insoles.


  • Contains renewable content
  • Does not contain latex, PVCs, VOCs or heavy metals
  • Durable, shock absorbing material with excellent compression set resistance


  • Sustainably sourced
  • Naturally resistant to fungal growth
  • Responsibly sourced, plant-based comfort that upholds maximum performance standards

  • PORON ReSource 采用可持续性的原料,保持 PORON Comfort 的卓越性能。推荐用于服装、休闲、时尚生活鞋材和零售鞋垫。


    • 包含可再生成分
    • 不含乳胶、PVC、VOC 或重金属
    • 此材料冲击吸收性能良好且具有耐久性和出色的抗压缩形变能力


  • 来源于可持续性
  • 成分天然、抗真菌
  • 植物性舒适材料,秉承最高性能标准