• Proprietary open-cell structure averages 100 microns per cell to provide durability and performance
  • Engineered to retain comfort by maintaining fit, cushioning support and energy management in dynamic conditions
  • Global design support and manufacturing provides samples to design more quickly
  • Environmentally friendly by eliminating multi-layer construction, a process that results in increased material waste and emissions
  • Diverse comfort elements formulated into the core technology for streamlined structural comfort solutions
  • Global certifications include ISO rated facilities and REACH/RoHS global materials standards

PORON Comfort has three product levels available, including:

Signature - Introductory-level performance and highly versatile comfort
  • PORON® Performance
  • PORON® Harmony
Choice - Specialized performance benefits that match the comfort needs of certain footwear categories
  • PORON® ReSource
  • PORON® Embrace
  • PORON® Cadence
Select - Differentiated multi-functional comfort benefits that deliver a unique performance
  • PORON® Vive
  • PORON® Fusion


  • 专有开孔结构(每个孔平均 100 微米),性能可靠
  • 可在动态环境下保持贴合度、缓冲支撑并进行能量管理,专为保障舒适度而设计
  • 全球设计支持和生产服务,可提供各类样品,助力客户加速设计流程
  • 摒弃会增加废弃物和碳排放量的多层结构生产流程,助力环境保护
  • 多种舒适元素融入核心技术,打造简洁的结构舒适解决方案
  • 已获 ISO 认证设施和 REACH/RoHS 全球材料标准等多项全球认证

PORON Comfort 产品有三个等级可选:

  • PORON® Performance 材料
  • PORON® Harmony 材料
  • PORON® ReSource材料
  • PORON® Embrace材料
  • PORON® Cadence材料
  • PORON® Vive材料
  • PORON® Fusion材料