PORON Performance is the perfect material for work, outdoor, athletic, dress footwear and aftermarket insoles. It provides long-lasting support and high-performance shock absorption in a durable material that withstands even the toughest daily wear.


  • Open-cell, breathable technology
  • Excellent compression set resistance
  • Better shock absorbency in a thinner, lighter material


  • Stable support and cushioning to withstand long durations on feet
  • Effective energy management on every foot strike to help minimize the effects of fatigue
  • Durability to excel through the comfort challenges of the toughest daily wear
  • Resilient and comfortable

PORON Performance 是用于工作、户外、运动、服装鞋履和零售鞋垫的理想材料。此材料具有耐久性,持久耐用,同时具有优异的吸震性能,能经受最严峻的日常穿着考验。


  • 透气的内部开孔结构
  • 抗压缩形变性能卓越
  • 材质更轻薄,冲击吸收性能更好


  • 能够提供稳定支持和缓冲,可承受长时间脚步穿着压力
  • 对每一步进行有效能量管理,帮助最大限度降低足部疲劳
  • 能经受最严峻的日常穿着舒适度考验,凸显了优异的耐久性
  • 舒适回弹